Real Estate Legal Fees

Gomez & Simone, APLC Attorney Fees and Costs

By Mark A. Gomez, Esq.

A common question from new callers or those that come in for a Free Consultation * is: What Are Your Real Estate Legal Fees at Gomez Simone Law

Depending on your case type we have a few payment arrangements:

  1. An Hourly Retainer (with a $3,500-$5,000 deposit). This option is the normal payment option for litigation cases. The client pays a deposit up front so that we can begin on their matter and the client will receive a monthly invoice. Most attorneys require some sort of deposit before reviewing a matter fully and most law firms that practice the areas that we practice will require anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 up front.
  2. A Hybrid Retainer (hourly, deposit of $2,500-$3,500, plus contingency 15%-20%). This option is where a client has limited funds for a traditional hourly retainer but has a strong case. Client will receive a monthly invoice but usually is provided with a maximum monthly payment amount. All remaining attorney fees billed under the hourly rate plus the contingency fees are collected at the end of a case from a settlement or favorable judgment.
  3. Pure Contingency (33%-40% contingency)- Client has proof of all evidence but cannot afford any attorney’s fees upfront. If we lose the case client does not have to pay anything. All attorney fees are collected from a settlement or favorable judgment.
  4. Flat Fee – Bankruptcy filings, short transactions/transfers, letters, Wills & Trusts. Usually range between $750 and $3,000.
    $795.00 Ch.7 starting price plus filing fees and credit counseling. (no Real Property owned)
    Wills & Trusts Package:
    Lifetime Wills & Trusts Package:
    Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements:
    $1,495.00 starting price.

Our Hourly Rates: 

  • Partner Attorneys: $325-$350 / hr
  • Associate Attorneys: $225-$300 / hr
  • Paralegals and Law Clerks: $150 – $200 / hr
  • General Office Staff: $100 / hr

How do our hourly rates stack up compared to the competition?

A 2013-2014 United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey found that:

“The average California Consumer Law firm employs 1 paralegal whose median billable hourly rate is $125 (down from the $137 in the last Report). However, 35% of all California paralegals have a billable hourly rate between $140 and $225. The upward shift in billable paralegal rates, which was first observed in the last Report, continues with 10.9% of California paralegals now billing above $174. In this region, 28.5% of Consumer Law firms report they employ no paralegal support at all.

85.9% of all California Consumer Law attorneys (regardless of all other factors) have a billable hourly rate above $325 and the average rate was $439, a decrease from the last Report. The median California Attorney hourly rate is $425, up from the last Report’s $412. The median 25% California Attorney hourly rate (the point at which 25% of all California survey participants reported an hourly rate lower than this number) is $300. The median 75% California Attorney hourly rate is $500. 36.4% of California survey participants reported an hourly rate higher than $475 and 12.41% reported an hourly rate higher than $650. 18.98% of California survey participants reported an hourly rate higher than $500.”

Many attorneys in Los Angeles will charge an Hourly Rate between$375-$450 and require a larger deposit. Here at Gomez & Simone you will be charged less per hour which means we can work harder on your case to get you the results you deserve.

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