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It’s always necessary to be up to date on the laws that guide you as a tenant in Los Angeles, especially while dealing with over-ambitious and demanding landlords in the city. Tenant laws are what secures your rights as a tenant while renting a unit or an apartment. They are what the law says when disputes arise between landlords and tenants, which might require you to contact reputable laws firm such as Gomez and Simone

Law to handle such disputes.


The Tenant law of Los Angeles covers a wide range of situations that may surface in the Landlord-tenant relationship, which may involve discrimination, oppression, deprivation, and security issues. Tenants have certain rights under state laws and the include

  • The right to not be discriminated against
  • The right to a habitable home
  • Renting and housing rights for tenants living with disabilities,
  • Right to privacy
  •  Right to security
  • Tenant’s right to landlord repairs etc.

If you happen to be experiencing any of these law infringements, please do well to contact Gomez & Simone for the best legal consultation and representation.

Renting and Housing Rights for Tenants in Los Angeles

When securing a house rental lease or agreement, you have a right to clean, habitable housing units, which the landlord must provide. Make sure to check for the proper functioning of all house utensils and facilities, including plumbing, electricity, to heating.

Tenant Law Los AngelesSuppose the apartment or unit to be leased lacks proper functioning facilities. In that case, the landlord is expected to remedy it immediately. The landlord has no right to request any additional repair fee or rent from you until the facilities are working right again. For tenants already inhabiting a rented unit, the landlord’s refusal to repair broken or non-working housing facilities should result in a legal consultation.

As a tenant, your rights can only be protected when you fulfill your end of the bargain by paying rent on time and obeying state housing laws for tenants. Landlord-tenant disputes can be quite frustrating and take a very different uncontrollable turn of events, leading to illegal eviction out of rented housing units.

That is why at Gomez & Simone, we do not only provide you with the best legal representations during landlord-tenant dispute but also proper consultants during leasing of living units which may include estate and property. We help guide you in making the best decisions and what agreements to accept and review. Make sure to contact Gomez & Simone to provide you with the best legal services when it comes to your housing choices and contracts.


Leases are contractual agreements where one party releases a property or an estate to another party for a limited time and period in exchange for something of value but still retains ownership.

A lease can either be written or oral, but some specific situations require a written lease signed by both parties. Some also require it to be recorded in the registry of deeds. These include properties like real estate to be leased for more than three years.

Tenant Law Los Angeles

After the lessee receives a lease either in person or by a third party acting on his behalf, a lease term begins. The failure to fulfill or meet up with the agreed conditions on the lease contract by either party is considered a breach of contract. In this case, the party responsible for the breach of contract can be sued by the other party.

In conclusion, as a tenant in Los Angeles, you should be legally backed up and secured to avoid unfavorable circumstances that may lead to unlawful eviction. At Gomez & Simone, we provide phone consultancy and video consultancy. You can hire our services from the comfort of your home. Give us a call today!