Purchase and Sales Dispute Los Angeles

Purchase and sales disputes are a common occurrence to real estate lawyers. These cases can be lengthy and demanding if not adequately tackled, thereby bringing about legal issues for both the seller and the buyer. Over time, we have seen such issues grow till it has to be brought to a legal team for better resolution. To resolve Purchase and Sales Disputes in Los Angeles,

Gomez and Simone Law are the best solution to such issues, with a track record of resolving such cases and disputes at an affordable rate.

Quiet Title Litigation Los Angeles

We focus on tackling and winning such purchase and sales disputes that cut across tangible and intangible assets, real estate, and businesses. Our win records are hard to match, and our clients all have words of praise for us.  So if you have issues of our base and sales dispute in Los Angeles that involve any of the following, we are your sure bet

  • Escrow disputes due to banking challenges
  • Broker and Agent representation.
  • Escrow deposit disputes.
  • Tax lien and right of removal disputes.
  • Non-disclosure agreement.

As mentioned above, those are the services that we provide; however, this post gives you ample information on the possible issues that may arise, which would require you to contact us.

Understanding Purchase and Sales Dispute

When it comes to purchase and sales disputes in Los Angeles, it usually involves a written agreement provided to the seller. This helps assure the escrow that there isn’t any more payment required before sales can be finalized. A well-written purchase and sales agreement aims to legally bind the seller and the buyer to a concrete settlement. When dealing with purchase and sales, we see both parties trying to outsmart the other in the final agreement, which would later result in a dispute. Cases like this don’t go unnoticed, hence prompting legal representation, which would verify the claims by both parties.

Quiet Title Litigation Los Angeles

At Gomez & Simone, we usually advise that before such agreements are reached between both parties, recruiting legal advice is a great way to avoid the mess of a pending dispute. This legal advice negates all manipulation that may have been encoded into the deal and let the client know of such happening. We sometimes use the word contingencies to define such issues better as they are mostly avoidable and penalty-free for the other party.

Other issues supersede the contingencies mentioned above, which might have happened during escrow and may make the deal fail. Issues such as a missing document, title deed correction, and incorrect loan can also cause such disputes. If a seller withdraws from the agreement without a court order, this can be cited as a breach of contract. When this happens, we usually advise our buyer-client to file for a suit of specific performance. This suit compels the seller to sell as agreed or pay the penalty for damages to the buyers’ equity.

Also, most times, buyers withdraw from such deals, and we must help the seller pursue a lawsuit that would make the buyer pay for damages.

Recruiting the services of a purchase and sales dispute attorney in Los Angeles is the best bet you have in such deals, and Gomez & Simone is the go-to firm for such dispute resolution. Our track record shows our experience and expertise when it comes to purchase and sales dispute resolution in Los Angeles. You can hook an appointment or contact us for more information on purchase and sales dispute resolution in Los Angeles.