Partition Attorney in Los Angeles

Real Estate is a lucrative market and money magnet due to recent urbanization and the need for assets. This is the primary reason why people settle for properties that hold lots of value and enable resale. However, certain real estate disputes can lead to a partition action and the need for a partition attorney. If you’re searching for a qualified Partition Attorney in Los Angeles, then Gomez & Simon Law is your best bet. What then is a partition action, and why do you need an attorney to oversee the proceedings?

A partition action ensues when a co-owner of any property feels the need to sell their part ownership in a property. This is usually the case in shared inheritance, as any member may want out of the coalition. However, recruiting a partition lawyer is essential, as most cases get dropped if all parties do not willingly agree to the sale. At Gomez & Simon Law, we provide partition attorneys in Los Angeles for clients who need our services to win partition cases. With our experienced attorneys our client’s interests are well represented.

So what does Gomez & Simon Law partition attorney in Los Angeles offer clients? Here are a few of our duties.

Contractual Agreement Review

Whichever side of the divide you fall when it comes to a partition action, the need for a partition attorney in Los Angeles is important, as they help achieve your aim efficiently. Most times, the agreement has lots of details that bind the property’s co-owners, and without an adequate perusal of the contractual agreement, your interest may not be well represented. So, a partition attorney’s job is to review and analyze the document and check for any loophole that may aid the conclusion of the action. Most contracts have a stipulated time before any of the co-owners can file for a partition action, and it’s the job of the partition attorney to maintain order. If the client fails to file the partition action within the time frame, the action is canceled, and both parties can reschedule.The reason a person would want to file a partition action differs based on several instances. However, the partition attorney handles each case with care and attention.

Spousal Partition Action

Partition Action can come in different forms, which all aim to split the value of a property. In the case of a spousal partition action, any spouse can file the action during a divorce settlement. The partition attorney at Gomez & Simon Law ensures that they look into the property’s documentation and ascertain the period in which the client acquired the property. Only if the property was acquired during the relationship tenure can any of the couple file for a partition action.Spousal Partition ActionIn a bid to make this process more efficient, our partition attorneys ensure that they work alongside divorce attorneys to ascertain and determine a fair solution.

Acquisition of Share from Co-owners

A final approach to handling partition actions often drags for an extended period, which can be tiresome. A great solution to such cases is a buy-out from the co-owner to help speed up the partition action. Since one party is ready to sell their share of the property, the partition attorney in Los Angeles would always advise a buy-out, especially when the time for withholding the property has elapsed. This action would result in the dispute’s easy resolution and would bring an abrupt end to the partition action.Acquisition of Share from Co-ownersSo if you are in the market to counter a partition action in California, soliciting the help of a partition attorney in Los Angeles makes the job easier. An excellent place to look for such attorneys would be at Gomez & Simon Law, a firm with the best partition attorney in Los Angeles. Visit the Gomez & Simon Law website or call us at 855-219-3333 to book an appointment.