Welcome to our Online Reservation Booking System. Here you can book your ATTORNEY CONSULTATION online now without speaking to our office first.

If you’d like to speak to someone first please call us at 855-219-3333. 

Before scheduling your Attorney Consultation through our online scheduler, please make sure that your case falls under one of the areas of practice that we cover, including but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Law
  • Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts)
  • Landlord Tenant Law
  • Family Law – Divorce
  • Bankruptcy/Debt Negotiations
  • Business Law/Breach of Contracts
  • Personal Injury

COVID-19 CHANGES: During the Stay-At-Home orders, we will be doing all consultations by phone unless confirmed with our office first. To schedule an in person consultation please call our office at 855-219-3333. All three of our offices are available for essential meetings and deadlines. However, most staff are working from home for now. We provide hand sanitizer and cleaning throughout the day for a safe office environment. We ask all visitors to wear face masks when visiting one of our offices.



Please schedule the Consultation at least 3 hours into the future to ensure our Attorneys are available and ready for your Consultation.

Please add sufficient information about your matter so the Attorney is prepared for your Consultation.

For all REAL ESTATE matters please include the ADDRESS of the property you wish to discuss.




Is the Consultation with an Attorney?

Yes. We always provide Attorneys for all new client Consultations.


How long is the Attorney Consultation?

We set aside 30 minutes to discuss your matter with one of our Attorneys. Additional time is available, if needed, to discuss retaining us as your Attorney.


What is included in the Attorney Consultation? Can you review my paperwork?

During the Attorney Consultation we can provide general advice and briefly review your paperwork. The goal is to provide you with our recommended options to proceed forward. In some cases you may not need an Attorney yet, or at all. We will give you our professional opinion on appropriate next steps. However, we cannot provide legal advice for you to rely on until we are hired as your Attorney.


Is the information I provide confidential? Is it protected?

Yes. All information provided to our Attorneys and staff is confidential and private. We have a private server for all information and an IT security team to ensure your information stays secure and protected.


Which Attorney will I meet with and which Attorney will take my case?

Your Attorney Consultation will be with one of our Intake Attorneys. For complex matters our Intake Team will attempt to schedule you with the most experienced Attorney  for your matter type. However, sometimes the information provided to us is insufficient to determine the correct Attorney for complex matters. In those cases a complimentary follow up with the most experienced Attorney for your matter type will be provided.

Your matter will be assigned to an Attorney experienced in your matter type. Sometimes this means your handling Attorney will be different from your Intake Attorney.


How many Attorneys do you have?

We currently have nine Attorneys at our firm all experienced in various areas of law that we practice and we continue to grow each year. In today’s legal landscape it truly takes a team of lawyers to fight for you and get you the results you deserve.

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