Why should I hire Gomez & Simone?

We have the knowledge. Here at Gomez & Simone we have experience in a number of related areas of law.  We saw that some firms tend to fall into one of two “traps”–  either they try to do everything (and lack a focus) or they focus on only one or two areas of law and know very little about other related areas of law.  Here at Gomez & Simone you will not find either problem.  For example, if you have a quasi-divorce case that really needs a partition and quiet title along with foreclosure defense we can help.  Or if you need to file a bankruptcy to stop a sale while you litigate or negotiate with your lender, we can help.  In addition, unlike other law firms that are filled with “paralegals”, our firm is filled with State licensed Attorneys as well as Law School J.D. graduates who are looking to become attorneys and attend regular legal seminars to stay current on any changes in the law.

We have a team of attorneys. Would you rather have one attorney trying to think of how best to handle your case or a team of attorneys?  Every person in our firm specializes in a particular area or areas of the law, and when you hire G&S, you are always hiring a team!  Two brains are better than one, right?  Well how about a dozen brains?!  With weekly meetings and daily collaborations you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands.

Complete transparency.  Our firm will send you detailed monthly statements of work done on your case along with copies of pleadings and communications so that you know what is going on with your case at all times.  Our clients can see exactly what we working on at all times, who is doing the work, and for how long.  We want our clients to know what is going on with their cases!

Effective. Our goals are to win and/or be effective in representing your interests.  With the G&S Legal Team, a constantly-updated online and physical law library, and years of experience in our practice areas, we have the resources necessary to represent your best interests.

How much do you charge?

We generally charge by hourly rates that depend upon the experience and education of the attorney/staff member that works on the individual task.  We do our best to keep your bill as low as possible by assigning more routine tasks to lower-level staff members.  In most litigation cases, the client is required to deposit $3,500-$5,000 to begin their case, but if your case does not have a filing deadline we also offer payment plans so we can start building your case/file immediately.   All work done each month is required to be paid for each month, but G&S does offer payment plans for those who prefer a fixed payment amount every month.  In addition, we offer plenty of discounts and NO CHARGES, and we do not charge for work in a previous case that we can now use in your case.

Overall, the hourly billing agreement is the usually most affordable option we provide our clients.  However, while most of our cases are billed hourly, we do offer contingency and “hybrid” (reduced hourly + reduced contingency %) retainer plans in certain cases.


Do you charge flat fees?

We do offer flat fee options, however 90% of the time a flat fee option will cost more than the hourly option because we have to charge for the most amount of time and expenses that MIGHT be required. Therefore, if less time is required  you are still charged the full flat fee amount.  The hourly rate agreement above is highly recommended.

Do you take contingency cases?

We are currently only taking very specific cases on contingency where damages or settlement funds are above $100,000 and all facts and issues can be confirmed (about 1/20 cases). However attorney fees are almost always much less when clients pay their attorneys up front. If clients have a hard time coming up with fees up front we can refer you to one of a few legal funding companies that may be able to help.

Do you offer Saturday Appointments?

Yes. The first Saturday of each month we offer Appointments for New Consultations only from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Call our office to see if a time slot is available!

What is California’s Statute of Limitations?

For personal injury there is a two year limit, for Fraud the limit is three years and for oral contracts the limit is 2 years. Other types of injuries range generally from 2 years to 4 years.

Therefore, it is important to meet with an Attorney immediately after realizing that you might have a legal issue or complaint. As time goes on it becomes harder to obtain evidence and interview witnesses and other parties.

Do you help with Transactions?

Absolutely.  This is our fast-growing area of practice.  Whether buying and selling Real Estate, transferring assets into or from a Trust or facing an issue with a contract Gomez & Simone Law can help.  Besides drafting and reviewing contracts, G&S also drafts Wills and Trusts, Deeds, Lease Agreements, Purchase Agreements, Corporate Entities, Power of Attorneys, and Land Trusts.  Ask us about our complete Estate Planning package!

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts to Veterans, current service members, teachers and members of the local police and firefighter divisions. Our discount will be in the form of either a reduction in a flat fee amount, reduced contingency fee or a credit towards an ongoing hourly litigation case.

We also offer discounts to those referred to us from friends or family, enrollment in any ACH payment plan and discounts for general on-time payments by current clients.

Do you do assist Pro Per (AKA Self-Represented) litigants?

Yes.  It would be best if G&S became your “attorney of record,” but if you simply cannot afford to be represented by a legitimate attorney,we can help you by drafting legal papers and helping you understand the process.  We cannot “sub into your case” and represent you in negotiations or appear in court, but your complaints/motions/filings will be much more effective than if you tried to draft them yourself.  And, we can advise you regarding civil procedure, an area that so often ruins cases for self-represented parties.

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