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During this pandemic, we are providing free phone consultations and video consultations (by request via Zoom or Teams).  Give us a call to talk to a licensed attorney today.

“Our mission at Gomez & Simone is to help our communities build wealth and create opportunities. We believe we can do this best by protecting our clients’ Real Estate legal interests which will help build strong long lasting communities. We are – a Modern Law Firm.”  – Mark A. Gomez, Founding Partner Attorney.

Our California Real Estate Attorneys are dedicated to providing quality modern legal representation. We are a Real Estate focused law firm serving Southern California and have been successful in handling thousands of cases and recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

We serve a variety of individuals including those who are hiring an Attorney for the first time to sophisticated investors and business owners. Whether it is Litigation, Trials, Appeals, Foreclosure Defense, Breach of Contract, Real Estate Transactions, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Quiet Title, Evictions, Divorce, Probate, Probate Contests, Estate Planning and Wills & Trusts Gomez & Simone is there for you. High quality representation at an affordable rate. Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

Changing the practice of law for good.

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Top Trial Attorneys in Southern California

Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

We specialize in protecting your Real Estate, no matter the legal venue. Our team of attorneys have the experience to protect your property during escrow, to estate planning, to bankruptcy, lending issues, to divorce (property distribution), breach of contracts and Landlord Tenant Law. Thanks to our clients, we have been able to successfully fight against Banks, fraudulent Real Estate individuals and others who have defrauded or who have taken advantage of others throughout California. We thank our clients for being part of the G&S family.

In our Published Appellate CaseValbuena v. Ocwen – we beat the bank on appeal and forced them to the settlement table (terms of which are of course confidential). The banks have the money to spend on litigation and can afford to not provide a worthwhile settlement offer for YEARS. In fact the case continued even after appeal for months until it was clear we were prepared for trial. This tactic is common when going against any large corporation and Gomez & Simone are prepared for the long fight when necessary.

Free Case Analysis For Certain Case Types *

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Free Case Analysis For Certain Case Types *

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Estate planning Los Angeles
Estate planning Los Angeles
Estate planning Los Angeles
Estate planning Los Angeles
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