Trending in California Real Estate:  Garage Conversions and the ADU Building Boom

Trending in California Real Estate:  The ADU Building Boom by Stuart R. Simone, Esq. Why does California need Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”)? California’s housing production is not keeping pace with demand.  In the last decade less than half of the needed housing was built.  This lack of housing is impacting affordability with average housing costs […]

Fighting Real Estate Fraud

If your property lawyers in California prove successfully that your case is a straightforward real estate fraud case, you can be compensated or you can receive punitive damages apart from the other rewards that are available in a straightforward misrepresentation case including associated costs. Therefore, working with a reputed civil litigation attorney is vital for winning a real estate fraud case.

Dealing with Real Estate Law in Los Angeles

When you are presented with the mountain of paperwork that you expected to sign before the deal is finalized, you may realize that the transaction is a lot more complicated than you originally thought. As tempting as it may be for you to just sign on the bottom line, you need to know what you are agreeing to and dealing with real estate law in Los Angeles before you sign anything.

Resolve Property Disputes With Real Estate Litigation in Los Angeles

Real estate is a complicated area in law, and the majority of people cannot manage property disputes without calling a real estate attorney. If you are facing the possibility of Real estate litigation in Los Angeles, then you need to call us today to get immediate help. Whether you are facing issues with the title on your property, or need with a general real estate issue, you need our team to help you, so call now.

The Beginners’ Need for Legal Representation When Purchasing Commercial Real Estate?

As someone who is currently entering the vast realm of possibilities allotted to business owners, there is a dizzying array of details and legalities you need to understand. Most likely you know that there is an enormous difference between residential and commercial real estate. Commercial real estate being any property that is to be used for business purposes makes the laws that surround properly obtaining and managing your property much different.