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One of the Benefits of Estate Planning: Avoiding Probate

The law firm of Gomez & Simone is here to answer your questions, and when it comes to the subject of Estate Planning there are usually many.  The first question we often get is, “I have a Will, so why would I need a Living Trust to avoid probate?”  There has been much misinformation about estate planning, and one of the most commonly repeated untruths is that having a Will drawn up will avoid the necessity of probate.  That is not true in California (and most states.)  Even if you have a valid will, your estate will go through probate if you do not have the proper estate planning documents and your assets exceed $150,000.  If you own a home, then your assets will almost certainly be over the $150,000 limit, meaning you must have an estate plan in place to avoid probate.

What is Probate| Estate Planning

Now that we answered that question, we need to answer the next question, which is “What is Probate, and why do I want to avoid it?”  Probate is a court proceeding that formally distributes the assets from an estate when a person dies.  Assets are everything that you “own,” including any property, bank accounts, investment accounts, and more.

During probate proceedings, the assets in an estate are frozen, meaning no one can use them.  During the probate process, the court will examine the validity of the will (if there is one) and determine who will be the executor of the will.  Even though the estate is frozen, the executor is still responsible for paying debts and taxes, which can often be very difficult because of the large amount of expenses.  However, even the executor will not have the final say on who gets what, the probate judge does.  Probate can be a very frustrating time for the people you want to be your beneficiaries, and can take years.  Plus, it’s very costly.

Now on to the next question, “How much does Probate cost?”  The legal fees for probating an estate are set by the state of California, and are based on the estate’s gross asset value.  This generally means everything you own, but nothing that you owe.  See the chart below for an example of probate fees:

Gross Asset Value of Entire Estate Estimated Compensation to Attorney and Personal Representative WITHOUT Proper Estate Planning Probate Fees
WITH Proper Estate Planning
$400,000 $22,000 $0
$500,000 $26,000 $0
$700,000 $34,000 $0
$1,000,000 $46,000 $0
$2,000,000 $66,000 $0
$3,000,000 $86,000 $0
$4,000,000 $106,000 $0


Call us Now for avoiding probate 

Yes, probate is a “gift” that you do not want to give your beneficiaries!  The good news is that there are ways to avoid probate – one of which is to set up a California Living Trust.  And did you know, by setting up a properly drafted will and living trust you can not only avoid probate, but even gain tax benefits.  Gomez & Simone is here to help you properly prepare so that your beneficiaries will truly benefit as you intended.  Our Estate Planning Package also will benefit you, during your lifetime, as it includes a durable power of attorney and an advance healthcare directive.

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What To Know Aside From Preparing a Real Estate contract in La Mirada CA


In a real estate transaction, the buyer and seller need to sign a real estate contract in La Mirada CA, which includes the key terms of the purchase such as the purchase cost who pays the closing price. The contract will also include any contingencies that should be met before the agreement becomes binding on both parties involved. However, the job does not end up in preparing the real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Today, we’ll walk you through some important real estate tips for better real estate transactions.

Making Offers and Some Negotiating Tips

Aside from preparing a real estate contract in La Mirada CA, making offers is one of the significant things that you should be able pull off properly when negotiating with sellers. The property owners you’ll come across with may be significantly stressed out about their home and the financial prospects. In making the component of the real estate contract in La Mirada CA, there are several things that you must know before getting the deals. Here are sure-fire tips to get the best deals:

Make it fast and don’t leave them hanging.

This means you need to provide a seller some beneficial information that you have obtained in different ways. Immediately, give them the information as soon as you confirmed the veracity of the data, so that they won’t feel like they are waiting for nothing. Otherwise, they may consider searching for another person who can do the job. And this means that you have just lost a great opportunity.

Treat them professionally.

Being nice yet authoritative is an essential way for you to keep your own goals when preparing a real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Make a good conversation with them mostly about things relevant in your task and a touch of personal stuffs. In this way, you are making a smart and friendly way for them to trust you.

Execute systems and be organized.

Aside from making an impressive real estate contract in La Mirada CA, you have to focus on the way how you deal with the sellers. It is something that you should think of as soon as possible. If possible, use a seller checklist or questionnaire containing important detail or information you have to gather. Call the seller or ask the way how they wanted to be contacted to make sure that the seller will get informed easily.


You should also know whether you want to hire a real estate agent or an FSBO. Either, though, can give you every important detail that you are supposed to know. However, keep in mind that they are not on the same page of the job, and that it something you need to know aside before preparing your real estate contract in La Mirada CA.

Getting the Best Agent

Searching for the best agents can the difference maker in a successful or taxing real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Basically, here’s what to look for in an agent.

Easy to Communicate with

Communication is an essential part of a real estate agent’s job. Aside from their role in helping with the preparation of the real estate contract in La Mirada CA guiding you either as a house or property seller or as buyer, they are supposed to give a good communication channel between the two of them. Real estate market might require you an agent that will be able to fully guide you through your standing on your buying or selling so you’ll easily move on to another real estate contract in La Mirada CA effectively. Search for that agent that is easy to communicate with and responsible enough to inform you all important information.

Always Hands-on

An ideal real estate agent is expected to be always hands-on about searching for the potential buyers,   communicating with current customers and persistently doing job mostly with good outcomes of every real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Once you have found an agent with this kind of quality, he or she is probably the kind of real estate agent you actually need.

A Good listener

It is quite confusing from your end whether you are supposed to get a good real estate agent who convincingly speaks in front of you or get one that doesn’t talk much about real estate contract in La Mirada CA. One caveat: either of the two is not a good option. Instead, look for an agent that professionally talks, while having quality of being a good listener, too. Take note that most talking will be on your part to comply your needs and requests for a successful real estate transaction. An agent should be eager to listen and understand all the things you actually want and need.


The needs of the agent’s client are supposed to be a priority. In case you have encountered an agent with such kind of quality, then you have already found one who is deserving your trust in your real estate contract in La Mirada CA. It is essential that your agent puts you into his priority list for him to prove his worth in the business.

Capable of Fulfilling Client’s needs

One of the most important things that an agent should remember is to serve around the needs of his or her client. This is another professional and good impression that a client might give to a real estate agent. Basically, it determines how persistent the agent is and how he desires to give the best services for his or her client.
In case you hire a real estate agent, you can expect saving bundle of commissions. However, make sure you know what you’re getting into. There is no implemented law telling or requiring real estate agents to be hired, though some states have required real estate agents to play some important role in transferring and closing deals. However, it is important that you look at other ways like looking at the lists of agents who can work well for the real estate contract in La Mirada CA.
Meanwhile “For Sale by Owner” can be a long time process to have before you get a property. FSBOs usually comes reasonable for the sellers’ markets where more competitions of homes. If you are not into quick selling of the property, then FSBO is what you need. Otherwise, look for the best real estate agent out there who can help you with your real estate contract in La Mirada CA.

The Closing of Deals

Closing successful deals could be one of the most important things that you are aiming for your real estate investments. The deals, before they get closed, go into processes which determine how the deal will be able to come successful or be agreed upon parties involved with the real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Furthermore, a deal is being done through other several processes to make it successful.
Learn more about the deals when you do close a real estate contract in La Mirada CA. Everything is now under sophistication that attracts more potential buyers or sellers. In case you are either of the two, learning more about the deals will be an essential way for you to get the best transaction ever. You’ll always feel at ease about the deals especially when you know that you aren’t clueless of the process and how it will be closed. Put serious thought on the things that will make your way to a better deal.

Navigating the Legal Aspects

Real estate law is relatively associated with other aspects of law. For instance, contract law covers the sale of real estate properties and needs that such real estate contracts must be in writing. Special inheritance laws are dictated by state. Also, there are particular types of torts and crimes that are only applicable to real estate. When navigating all the legal necessities of a real estate transaction, it is paramount to hire a reliable real estate lawyer on your side.

Most importantly, don’t forget to hire an experienced and reliable real estate lawyer such as Gomezandsimonelaw. They are dedicated to help you with any situation regarding residential or commercial real estate.


Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles

Finding the Best Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles

Now is a good time for you to find the best foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles to help you deal with this process as millions of people across the country find themselves in the same situation you are in right now.  The combination of the unstable financial market, an up and down real estate market and your own personal circumstances have left you falling behind on mortgage payments to the point where foreclosure has become a very real possibility for you.  This can be a very frightening and stressful time for you and your family, and at a time like this, you want to be sure to get the best advice possible with every move you make.

Look for an Expert| Foreclosure Attorney in Los Angeles

The first thing you want to be sure before you talk to any lawyer is that the attorney specializes in the area of foreclosure law and real estate law.  There are many lawyers in the Los Angeles area, and some may claim that they can help you with any type of case in the hope of getting your business.  However, this is a very important point in your life with a lot riding on it.  You do not want someone working for you that does not have extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the foreclosure process in California so that they can provide you with the best advice and do what is best for you and your family.  Take the time to only talk to lawyers with experience in this field.

Talent and Reputation Matter in Foreclosure

The best foreclosure attorney for you in Los Angeles is a lawyer that has the talent and reputation that you want on your side.  You want a lawyer that has a strong track record of winning cases and getting settlements that are benefitial to the client.  This talent lets you know that your lawyer can handle difficult situations and can work things out in your favor.  You also want an attorney that has a strong reputation in the system for doing a great job.  Take a look at forums and reviews and talk to other lawyers to see what their reputation is like so you can be sure to choose someone that is well-respected.

Discuss Your Case with Us

If you are in need of a foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles and want experts that will fight hard on your behalf, then you want to talk to us at Gomez and Simone Law.  We are experts in the area of foreclosure with a high batting average of success and the strong track record you are looking for to help protect your rights.  Let us do what we do every single day to help you and your family keep your home.

Gomez & Simone is a full service real estate law firm representing homeowners and tenants, with offices throughout Southern California.  This article is informational only and should not be used as legal advice.  Please note that laws may have changed since this article was published.  Before taking action, we recommend that you receive legal advice from our office about your specific matter.  Please contact your local Gomez & Simone office – for more contact information, please click here – or call us at 1-855-219-3333.

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5 Trends You May Want to Discuss with Your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney


If you intend to put your house on the market, then you had better contact your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney first.  The housing prices in the prominent district of Los Angeles is now reaching historic highs and it is no longer surprising why house flipping and house selling stirred the interests of many. However, if you intend to sell a piece of real estate property quickly, you may want to discuss certain trends with your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney to know what is currently happening in the real estate market. This would allow you to make the right move, and ultimately get the best gains.  Go and check the different trends that you may want to discuss further with your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney:


Trend #01:  The Los Angeles Real Estate Market is Currently Strong

Since 2012, the Los Angeles Real Estate Market has experienced a strong and steady market appreciation. Alongside the real market appreciation comes a declining inventory.  This serves as a massive advantage for those who intend to sell their homes this year and in the next couple of years. Any top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney  would advise that if you put a good price on a property you wish to sell, chances are, you will be receiving multiple offers.


Offers on real estate properties along the coastal communities and the central city of Los Angeles are expected to come in as short as 10 days from listing period. Owners may experience such momentum if the property is effectively priced.  While the market is looking good at the moment, note that you should not get greedy about it. If you put a massive price on a property, you may end up waiting for about four months to finally get some offers. Consulting a legitimate agent and a Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney is highly recommended to know how you can put a reasonable price on a property.


Trend #02:  Many Are Now Looking at Alternative Neighborhood

Here’s another trend that you need to consider. In the last 5 years, many buyers started to turning their eyes on neighborhoods they never thought they would even consider in the past. Since real estate properties on the Westside section of Los Angeles  (e.g. Inglewood and Marina Del Rey) have skyrocketed in terms of price, alternative neighborhoods are becoming more in demand now.

The key is, if your home is somewhere in the Southside or Eastside neighborhoods, know that it is now the best time to put them on the market.  It is highly recommended that you consult your Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney as to how you can put your property on the market easily and what measures to take in order to gain healthy profit.  One example of a good neighborhood to check is Silver Lake in the East Side section. A Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney can also help you determine the lucrative areas


Trend #3:  The Turnkey Properties are on their Peak


Getting a fixer-upper is no longer a priority among buyers in Los Angeles these days. They are likely to place a big on a turnkey property. The spike in the real estate price has also become a factor as to why buyers are now searching for new homes that are new and move-in ready.  Many buyers are now searching for homes that have already been upgraded from floor to finishes. Of course, the legal requirements on purchasing a new home differ from purchasing an older home. Therefore,  getting a top  Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney involved in the process is highly recommended.


At present,  new construction is also becoming immensely popular in Los Angeles. This is according to a top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney. The change in buyers’ preference has also influenced these new constructions. They are now in search for properties that have an eclectic and intelligent vibe, instead of a modernist and boxed type of homes. Turnkey properties that evoke a combination of old and new character are hot sellers at present. It is immensely important to ensure that these turnkey properties are free from legal problems, so consulting a  Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney is paramount.


Trend #04:  The High-End Real Estate Market is Currently Slowing Down

For properties that cost higher than $50 million, it may take longer for them to get sold. At present, people are becoming more nervous when it comes to investing in a multi-million dollar market.  The best option is to put your home on the market if the price does not exceed the said amount.  This is especially true if your intention is to sell your property in the shortest time possible.

As per the advice from a Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney,  the slowdown in the high-end real estate has been a trend during election years.  You will find a markedly different behavior in trends if you would compare the real estate conditions during the election years.  You may either list your property a year in advance or wait until the election is over.  Check more about the effects of elections and other events on your real estate-related decisions by consulting a top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney.


Trend #05:  Los Angelenos are Searching for Neighborhoods or Communities to Live in.


According to top real estate experts, people are now keen on finding good neighborhoods for the family. A community where there are restaurants, coffee shops, sidewalk, nearby parks is of primary importance to home buyers. To find a property where there is a great sense of community is one of the fundamental goals these days. If your real estate property happens to belong in such communities, then you have higher chances of selling them the shortest time possible.


A top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney would be able to help you see the legal requirements on selling properties from these areas. Walkable downtown areas, densely-packed communities closer to urban centers are also among the top sellers on the real estate market. Another key to enticing buyers in checking your property is by describing to them what they can do within a short distance walk.

Another trend that you can expect is the competition among foreign buyers. The number of these foreign buyers is also a driver of the price on the real estate market.  For instance, the influx of Chinese buyers and investors can still be expected in the next three years. This would mean that there could be more potential buyers to your properties. If you happen to have a foreign buyer to your property, it is wise to check with a top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney how to transact with a buyer from a foreign country.

So, you know the trends – now, what’s next?


If you have decided to put a piece of real estate on the market, you should now start searching for the best Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney to help you throughout the process.  While your agent is going to be busy finding prospective buyers, you should take the chance to seek the help of the top Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney to prepare the legal documents to need to sell the property. Firstly, you will need to avail the help of a reliable Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney in preparing the terms and condition in the real estate contract.

Furthermore, an experienced and reputable Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney can also help you in ensuring that your title is clear of any problems including possible claims of other parties, outstanding mortgages, unpaid taxes, and defective deeds that may be associated with it. The Los Angeles real estate attorney can also verify the authenticity of all the public records you need to disclose during the process of selling.
Knowing the trends can give you the upper hand on how to maximize potential profits from selling your real estate property. You can easily determine the best time to list your property. You will also know whether to hold the property longer before finally listing it or know what is the right price to put on it. Moreover, finding the right Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney can also offer you the biggest advantages in ensuring smooth real estate transactions.

Real Estate Law Firm

Our Real Estate Law Firm in Los Angeles is there for you

Our Real Estate Law Firm in Los Angeles is there for you

Our Real Estate Law Firm in Los Angeles is there for you whether you are renting an apartment or home, are looking to buy a home or sell your current home, there are a lot of details that need to be clearly understood.  There are all kinds of contracts and documents that must be signed, and the transactions can be quite confusing to the average person.  If you do not fully understand the situation or the documents, signing them first can be a big mistake and detrimental to you down the road.  No matter what type of real estate situation you may find yourself in, you should know that Gomez & Simone Law is the One-Stop Homeowner’s Legal Shop in Southern California that is there for you.

Working through a Sale

No matter what side of a home sale you are on – as the buyer or seller –  there are a lot of responsibilities, documents to read and laws that need to be followed.  To be sure you have a solid understanding of what is going on, it is always in your best interests to hire an attorney to look over the documents and help you through the process.  At a time like this, you want a lawyer that has deep knowledge of California real estate law so that you can be sure to get the proper interpretation of the contracts and the legal advice you need right now.  Gomez & Simone can be there to guide you through the sale and make sure everything gets handled legally and in your best interests to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible.

Real Estate Disputes

There are always going to be situations where disputes come about regarding real estate, and our real estate law firm in Los Angeles can be there to protect you.  If you are a renter going through an unfair eviction or are fighting a landlord over a dispute about living conditions, Gomez Simone can represent you in your case to make sure your rights get protected.  We also provide services for all areas of real estate litigation and negotiation, including foreclosure, loan modification, quiet title, probate, evictions, HOA disputes, partitions and much more.

Get Proper Legal Guidance

To make sure you get the proper legal advice and guidance in your real estate transaction or dispute, make sure to contact Gomez & Simone Law at 855-219-3333 and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced attorneys in person at one of our four locations covering the entire Greater Los Angeles area so you can discuss your case and learn more about the services we can offer you.


The Representation You Want from the Gomez Simone Law Firm

The Representation You Want from the Gomez Simone Law Firm

When you are in need of legal representation, you would want to turn to Gomez Simone Law for assistance: You may not realize it, but you are probably going to need a lawyer or the advice of a legal team at various times in your life.  At such a time, you need to know what to look for in a law firm so that you can be sure you get the proper guidance and advice.  

The Qualified Team You Need

At our law firm, we have assembled a high-quality team of attorneys that can assist you with a wide range of services.  Our lawyers have experience in litigation and negotiation and are deeply familiar with all of the federal, state and local laws and statutes governing a number of areas where you will need assistance.  Beyond our team of lawyers, we provide a friendly support staff that is there for you to offer you the dedication, service, and response that you need for your case.  When you work with us, you know you are getting our full attention, and we are doing everything we can to protect your rights and interests.

Various Legal Services Available

Gomez Simone Law is your “One-Stop Homeowner’s Legal Shop,” providing you with effective legal advice and counsel in a number of different areas, including real estate law, estate planning, bankruptcy, family law, foreclosure defense, breach of contract cases, wills & trusts, probate, property disputes, quiet title and more.  We have experts on staff in many legal areas and can match you with the attorney that specializes in the area where you need assistance so you can be sure to get representation from someone that knows the laws well and knows what needs to be done to see your case through to a successful conclusion.

Call for a Consultation

If you are in need of legal counsel and would like to speak to one of our attorneys, please contact us at Gomez Simone Law by calling us at 855-219-3333. You can also learn more about our legal team and services and contact us through our contact form on our website at  Let us meet with you, discuss your case and see what we can do to help you.  The first thirty minutes are absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.


Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney

Face the Process with a Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney

Work with an Experienced Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney at the Gomez and Simone Law Firm to get you the best results possible: The difficult circumstances of the economy over the last ten years have created dire situations for many families.  You may have lost your job or had mounting medical bills and quickly fell behind on your mortgage payments for your home.  The situation has now reached the point where you are facing foreclosure proceedings and now you’re worried that you are going to lose your family home.  These events can be very stressful on a person, and you may have a hard time understanding all of the legal paperwork you have received, leaving you unsure of where you should turn and what you need to do next.  If you are facing a dilemma like this, you should know that you do not have to do this alone.

Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney- Fighting to Keep Your Home

Our main goal at the Gomez Simone Law Firm in cases of this nature is to assess all of the possible options and find the best way possible to help you keep your home.  Many families facing the peril of foreclosure are not fully aware of all of the options available to them that can help them avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.  We will fight the banks to make sure they are following the letter of the law in the proceedings and hold them accountable for their practices to see that you are protected, and once they understand that we mean business, they often come to the negotiation table.

Finding the Best Solution

When we are working for you as your real estate foreclosure attorney, it is our job to find the best solutions for whatever situation you face at the time.  In some cases, where foreclosure may be otherwise unavoidable, we can work with you to provide you with the best solution options to help protect you and your family, including bankruptcy options that can offer you protections from creditors and save you from financial ruin.  The main thing to keep in mind is, G&S is your One-Stop Homeowner’s Legal Shop – that means that we see the BIG Picture and can give you ALL of your options.

Get a Free Analysis

There is no reason for you to try to face the foreclosure process alone.  Take the time to call us at the Gomez &  Simone Law Firm so you can learn what our real estate foreclosure attorney can do to assist you. You can call us at 855-219-3333 and arrange a meeting where you can get a free analysis of your case in a confidential setting so you can see what options you have available moving forward that can help save your home.

Real Estate Law Attorney

Home Buyers, Listen Up! Have You Hired Your Real Estate Law Attorney Yet?

You are not thinking of purchasing a new home without the help of a real estate law attorney, are you?  Well, while you may think that hiring a top real estate law attorney is tantamount to spending thousands of dollars on their services, it’s good to know that the work he or she may providing is worth every dollar spent.  

Let’s face it – there are pitfalls that homeowners often fall into.  First-time real estate buyers sometimes get easily lured into sealing a deal without knowing that they could be facing real estate traps that would end up costing them a lot. So, before you finally say YES to that piece of real estate property you have been aiming at,  learn how a  competent real estate law attorney can help and protect you.

Handling and Reviewing Contracts 

Although you may be a great negotiator face-to-face, remember that your terms should be put in black and white to make the deal legally binding.  Your verbal agreement should be presented well in writing and a highly competent real estate law attorney can help you throughout the process. When you hire a top real estate attorney, you can be sure that the contract or agreement you are about to enter to complete adheres to the real estate law of your state.


Moreover, he can ascertain that your terms will not cause any issues in the use of real estate property to intend to purchase. Yes, your real estate law attorney can verify whether the property is free from legal problems relating to mortgage or taxes. In addition, having a real estate law attorney by your side can also make sure that you have read and reviewed the contract well before affixing your signature.  Your real estate attorney can see to it if the contract needs amendment, addendum, or any form of modification. You’ll thank him later for that added protection from the thorough review of your contract.


Addressing Possible Liens Associated to the Real Estate Property


One important task that a top real estate law attorney can do is to perform the title search. When one speaks of title search, it generally refers to the act of thoroughly investigating and checking whether the real estate property you are interested in fee from any judgment, liens, or any form of encumbrances. This is a crucial step as the title search itself will determine whether the seller you are transacting with truly has the absolute right to put the property on the market. If you fail to check this aspect, you may find yourself entangled in legal turmoils in the future.  To avoid that, it is better to hire a real estate law attorney instead.


Another advantage of availing the service of a competent real estate law attorney is that it can negotiate with the seller if the property is found to be hit with liens. This could help reduce the price and give you more advantage from the financial viewpoint. Moreover, your real estate law attorney can likewise provide sound advice as to how the seller can address the claims and may even help the seller to secure proofs that the claims have been settled.


Required Filing of Deeds at State and County Levels


Another task that a real estate attorney can do effectively is the filing of real estate deeds at state and county levels.  With the help of a well-versed real estate attorney, you can be sure that he would find ways to navigate through the state regulations.  This is particularly important when the real estate property is a commercial one.  Availing the service of a real estate lawyer can immensely help you in obtaining your tax identification number and all other requirements needed for tax purposes. For instance, if you need to secure a business license for the filing of a deed, a real estate law attorney can do that easily.


Transferring of Properties with Corporations and Partnerships

Negotiations involving major corporations, partnerships, and trusts are generally complicated in nature, especially when a commercial real estate property is the main subject. An inept attorney has the in-depth understanding of the legal boundaries, state laws, and the different types business transactions.  For instance, when there is a need to transfer properties, your choice of real estate law attorney can make sure that everything that is stipulated in the contract is compliant with the state and federal law.


The Disadvantages of Not Hiring a Real Estate Law Attorney

Many homebuyers are still willing to go through the entire process of purchasing a real estate property even without a real estate attorney.  This is possible as hiring a lawyer is not exactly a legal requirement when investing in, selling,  or purchasing a  property. However, it must be noted that if you choose to transact without being represented by a top real estate law attorney, you may likewise be increasing your chances of getting sued if the contract happens to include certain legal glitches.

If you are a seller or a landlord, you may likewise end up in legal troubles if you fail to disclose important information about the property.  One of the important roles of real estate law attorney is to ensure that home inspection is carried out and that all aspect related to it has been written in full disclosure. This should include defects or any aspect that needs improvements on the house.  A real estate law attorney may also provide you with all the legal assistance you need when you are exposed to a risk of litigation.


Another disadvantage of not hiring a competent real estate law attorney is that you are a risk of being unable to file the right legal documents both a county and state levels.  Failing to do has a number of legal consequences that you will need to face later on.  For instance, if you deed is not transferred properly, you may end up dealing with multiple income or estate taxes that are levied on either the end of the buyer or the seller.


In addition, if your building permits are properly filed, you may be fined or you will need to rebuild new structures accordingly.  Another possible consequence of not having a real estate law attorney to legally assist you is that you may fail to secure a taxpayer identification number at a state level.  This could possibly put a halt to your business. This would clearly require you to settle and secure all necessary requirements before you can proceed with the business. In short, it is better to spend a bit more on getting the services of a good real estate attorney than risking your business and property.


Final Thoughts

Buying a home is not exactly a rocket science,  but it does require an in-depth understanding of process and law. This can be effectively done with the help of someone who has the right background and expertise in real estate industry.  Any new buyer should highly consider the role and the help that a good real estate lawyer can give from finding a property, checking the property, contract preparation, negotiation, and filing of a deed. These are just a part of the many roles a single highly competent and experienced real estate law attorney can offer you.


If you think that hiring a top real estate attorney is just another expense, then you may want to rethink this and scrap this misconception. It makes perfect sense to avail of the services of a top real estate law attorney to help grasp and navigate the complex real estate law of your state. Moreover,  as real estate property is a valuable asset, you would want your interest either as a buyer or a seller protected all the time. The presence of a real estate law attorney can ensure that you have less to worry at the end of the transaction.


Contact Gomez Simone Law for further information