Self-Employed People Win Big in 2018 Tax Law

While the new “permanent” 21% Corporate Tax Rate got most of the headlines- mainly because it was a much simpler story – there are also benefits for self employed people and small businesses in the new tax law. These folks may not get as dramatic a tax break as corporations do, but they do get a 20% reduction of taxable business income. Here’s how that works, and some other benefits they could enjoy in 2018.Read More

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Illegitimate Reasons for a Landlord to Evict You

You are a tenant and you have heard that you have a looming eviction and aren’t sure where to turn for the help you need. It means everything to you to be able to keep the home you love in your time of need, and you have reason to believe that the measures a landlord is taking against you are illegal based on the circumstances. Is there a legitimate reason for your eviction or is a landlord taking retaliatory or other measures against you? Let us show you what is illegal and how you can move forward.Read More

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La Mirada California Mortgage Lawyers

Handling a mortgage can be monotonous and tiresome, but not with the right lawyer. La Mirada, California has some the top level mortgage lawyers that have helped people foresee their dream. Every individual has the vision of owning their own home. But over a period of time, mortgage laws have turned out to be complicated. Facing those laws alone is not advisable, especially if you can get help from some of the leading La Mirada California mortgage lawyers.Read More

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Gomez & Simone wishes you a Happy and Informed New Year!  On the first of every year, hundreds of new laws take effect, and one or more of these may affect you.  For 2018, these new laws range from Federal Real Estate Tax Law changes to State legalization of Marijuana in California.  Here are just some of the new laws, directed towards the realm of Consumer Real Estate – the useful, the controversial, and the downright quirkyRead More